Why Should Filmmakers Cast with The Slate? It’s Simple: We’ve got the best actors.  

If you’re a serious filmmaker that’s planning a casting session, then The Slate is the ideal place for you to cast your film. Because we’re a destination for serious artists, Slate actors typically have professional headshots, compelling reels, and are thoughtful and deliberate whenever submitting to the characters you’ve created.

Casting your film with a higher level of talent doesn’t just improve your work for obvious reasons- it saves time, and generally makes the entire process of casting more rewarding, and more enjoyable.

If you’re a talented filmmaker or casting professional with a few shorts under your belt, and a knack for creating original content, reach out to us to become a Slate Creative Partner. As a partner, you’ll not only become part of a larger community of serious artists, we’ll periodically premiere your film alongside our work at the Grauman’s Chinese Theater every few months.

Interested? Reach out to us at hello@theslate.tv

A Little Bit More About our Filmmaker Showcase

Every few months, The Slate showcases the work of up and coming filmmakers at Grauman’s Chinese Theater, with film/TV industry execs in attendance.

The Slate is more than just a website- it’s a community of career-minded writers, directors, producers, casting professionals, and actors who are constantly coming together to network and expand their professional circles. Because our mission is to create a “homebase” for every career-minded artist in our industry, we’ve created The Slate Filmmaker’s Showcase– a running event that’s periodically held at Grauman’s Chinese Theater. In addition to giving your work more exposure and celebrating your creativity, the showcase has also been designed to bring together the most talented and passionate artists in our industry, so that they can meet one another, and begin collaborating more often.

A Targeted Guest List

When The Slate holds its talent showcase every few months, we always make sure that our guest list is comprised of people who work in our industry, and are always on the look-out for new talent. We don’t just showcase the work of our artists, we actively champion their work, and typically say a few nice words at the premiere. At every talent showcase, a typical guest list includes:

  • WGA writers and contributors who frequently write for networks such as Netflix, Hulu, Showtime, HBO, and Amazon Prime.
  • The Production companies that the Slate works with in order to help us bring our stories to life.
  • A list of strategic partners that we’ve specifically targeted, based on your sensibilities as an artist, and the genre of storytelling you favor.

Experience is Required

In order to be considered for our talent showcase, you should have at least a few scripts or short films under your belt. We’re looking for artists who have enough experience to merit the attention of potential employers (production companies, media companies), and whose talents are fully developed.

Note: The showcase is open to both writers and directors. As a writer, we’ll pair you with our production company partners to help create a seamless script to screen experience, and as a director, you’ll have the option to a) direct, or b) write+direct.  

Become Part of a Professional Community

After we’ve showcased your work, you’ll become part of a larger professional community, taking part in our roundtables, or getting hired direct by The Slate to write or direct our next film. If you’re an experienced filmmaker interested in having their work showcased, please click the button below.