Daniel King-screenwriter for the Netflix original production Sweet Tooth, enthusiastically comes to The Slate to write three original narratives for us, while also getting behind the camera for one of these stories.

In working with writers like Daniel, The Slate intends to harness the talents of up and coming screenwriters, while creating opportunities for artists to experience new creative challenges in their career.

“What’s amazing about working with so many different types of creative writers is that we not only challenge ourselves to meet the writer’s creative sensibilities, but eventually, the creative project itself starts to take on a life of its own, where ideas just start auto-generating, and we have a real collaboration. Before getting in the movie business, this is what I’d hoped it would be like.” Said Slate founder Sunny Vachher.

Now the Slate has started the creative process with Daniel, we’ve been floored by his creativity-particularly whenever writing about procedural crime, or about supernatural phenomena. In creating original narratives for us, Daniel is able to harness all of the talent he acquired writing juicy story lines for the legendary PRETTY LITTLE LIARS franchise, while creating a series of stories that either read like Steven Spielberg’s Amazing Stories, or alternatively, like Dean Koontz crime thrillers. (Seeing these unique stories slowly come to life, in case you’re wondering, if the best part of the job).

Slate actors have an incredibly special opportunity with King. Not only will they get to perform his brilliant lines, but the actors in his productions will also work side-by-side with King as he will be directing both of these shorts!

The Slate couldn’t be happier to have its first WGA writer-director onboard.

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