Part of our mission at The Slate is to tell great, high-quality narratives. But the other half of our mission is to do everything we can to elevate the careers of the artists- [actors- writers, directors, producers, DP’s, makeup artists, grips, gaffers, PAs, (and all other crew!], who work on these narratives, so that we open as many career doors as we can for deserving talent.

In order to help The Slate make our films more visible in the TV/Film industry, and create such career opportunities, we’re teaming up with one of our WGA screenwriting creative partners – Amazon “Undone” writer/producer Patrick Metcalf- so that together, we can go to bat for the films we create once they’ve wrapped, ensuring these films receive maximum exposure in the industry.

Whenever promoting Slate films, Patrick will help the Slate target film festivals, or create premiere events designed to get our work by as many indie film lovers as possible. Equally exciting, Patrick will also begin communicating to Slate members about productions, sharing personal experiences and lessons along the way.

Here at The Slate, we were inspired to reach out to Patrick about helping us add a career development component to our service immediately after Slate Head of Public Relations Dylan Johnson conducted an interview with him, where Patrick shared a few key inspirational details about his own journey as a self-made artists in our industry. During this interview, we learned that Patrick quit a lucrative job in the reality TV industry to pursue his passion to make feature films. We learned that he camped out in 90 degree heat with friends in the middle of he desert, and despite brutal conditions, considers it a highlight of his creative career. We learned that Patrick shared a lot of our idealistic notions, about the importance of creating a space where original work could always be created, as well the importance of improving the indie film industry as a whole, so that more artists get a shot to produce their best work.

For all of these reasons, The Slate is absolutely thrilled to be teaming up with Patrick. We look forward to regularly communicating with all Slate members, now with a new and valuable addition to our team.

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